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New Clois MV: American Woman

Hi all,

Yes ... I've got ANOTHER new Clois music video. This is my 3rd new video in as many weeks. The muse does NOT want to sleep it seems, LOL. This video was basically just a fun little idea I've had for a while now. Well, since season 5 really! I'm not 100% happy with it but I enjoyed making it so decided to go ahead and upload it for all to see. I finally started it a couple of days ago and it wouldn't let go of me until I finished. Let me know what you think. :)

As you can see, the majority of the clips are from the Season 5 episode of Smallville, "Exposed."

To be safe though, SPOILER WARNING since it does contain clips all the way up to the most recent Season 9 episode, "Conspiracy."

Song is "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz.

"American Woman" -

Clois Hug

Return of Lois Lane (Video)

Hi everyone! 
I made this special video in anticipation of Lois Lane's return.  I had to.  It actually helped sooth the pain from the last two weeks.  Maybe it can do the same for someone else, so I'm sharing.  

It includes moments that will be critical to remember leading up to "Infamous," at least I hope they will ... and it looks back on some of the moments that have gotten Lois to where she is today. 
March 5th cannot come soon enough!

Enjoy!  :)


DTED 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza

Devoted to Erica Durance
3rd Anniversary

Devoted to Erica officially went online as a Site in February 2006, which means that it is time to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Devoted to Erica Durance this year. Due to the unfortunate incident we have months ago, Devoted Fans Network is now starting over on this new forum, but that doesn't stop us from celebrating DTED's Big Day! So, we are having activities around this board as part of our celebration!

What are we having?

We will be having weekly prizes for those who participate into the activity we have here each week and at the beginning of March, we'll be announcing one lucky person who will be taking away DTED Grand Prizes.

Detail on the Prizes

Grand Prizes

DTED Grand Prize includes these mail out prizes:

*Photo Album (20 Selected Pictures of Erica - To be selected by the winner)
*DTED Colored Calendar
*Photo Key Chain (Photo be chosen by the winner)[/LIST]

And a few more digital gifts:

*Printable Stationary
......Notepad Pages

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Erica Takes Over Maid Marion

According to, Erica will be appearing in Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood, a new television movie under the Front Street

Pictures' production company. Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood is a re-imagining of the classic Robin Hood tale merges the elements of magic and medieval romance. Erica is playing the role of Maid Marion, Robin Hood's childhood love. Starring with Erica, as Robin Hood is Robin Dunne who played Dr. Zommerman in the TV series, Santuary.

The film is directed by Peter DeLuise; the same director of the Stargate SG-1's episode "Affinity", in which Erica guest starred as Krista James. The story is written by Chase Parker.

As you all might have seen, Erica's Smallville character, Lois once dressed up as Maid Marion (see picture). In this new movie, we all get to see her playing the character for real!

Thanks to Jay for binging this to my attention.

Source: IMDB and Front Street Picture