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DTED 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza

Devoted to Erica Durance
3rd Anniversary

Devoted to Erica officially went online as a Site in February 2006, which means that it is time to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Devoted to Erica Durance this year. Due to the unfortunate incident we have months ago, Devoted Fans Network is now starting over on this new forum, but that doesn't stop us from celebrating DTED's Big Day! So, we are having activities around this board as part of our celebration!

What are we having?

We will be having weekly prizes for those who participate into the activity we have here each week and at the beginning of March, we'll be announcing one lucky person who will be taking away DTED Grand Prizes.

Detail on the Prizes

Grand Prizes

DTED Grand Prize includes these mail out prizes:

*Photo Album (20 Selected Pictures of Erica - To be selected by the winner)
*DTED Colored Calendar
*Photo Key Chain (Photo be chosen by the winner)[/LIST]

And a few more digital gifts:

*Printable Stationary
......Notepad Pages

Weekly Prize Packs

*Downloadable link of Photos of Erica
*Printable Stationary
......Notepad Pages


How do YOU participate?

First and foremost, you must be a member of DFN. Our main concern is to help promote this forum and of course to promote Erica. To participate, all you have to do is post. Every post counts.

We will be giving out point for each post made on DTED board listed above. Only between Feb 2nd and Feb 28th. Detail on points can be found on DTED Board

Saturday Night Live Event:

1st Week: DTED Birthday Party Extravaganza

Date: 7th Feb
Host: DTED Forum Leaders
Open at: 7 p.m
What we'll do? Basically celebrating all night! Come join us for ONE NIGHT only in celebrating 3 years online with DTED and the staff! Meet with other ED fans and enjoy some random DTED prizes giveaways... just for joining in on the celebrations!!!

2nd Week: Show Night

Date: 14th Feb
Host: DTED Forum Leaders
Open at: 7 p.m
What we'll do? We'll be watching Erica's TV show together. LIVE!
Video starts at: 8 p.m


*Smallville: Lucy
*Smallville: Bloodline
*Stargate: Affinity

3rd Week: Movie Night

Date: 21st Feb
Host: DTED Forum Leaders
What we'll do? We'll be watching one of Erica's Movies. LIVE!
Open at: 7 p.m
Video starts at: 8 p.m

Movies: To Be Announced...

Final Week: Fan Fair

Date: 28th Feb
Host: DTED Forum Leaders
Open at: 7 p.m
What we'll do? Final LIVE event we have so we're giving everybody a chance to be in the spotlight. Each of you can share everything Erica-related with us, such as Artworks, Fanvideos, Stories on your meeting with Erica, etc. ALL in ONE thread.

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