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Shout OUT to ALL Devotees!!

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Shout out to ALL Erica Durance Devoted Fans!

Erica Durance is getting more and more active shortly before the Season 8th of Smallville aired, and since then, she is seen doing a lot of appearance. Erica is also involved with other projects, such as "Ecstacy" and "Final Verdict", etc. With all these excitements, we here at Devoted to Erica Durance have more to offer.

Wanting to talk freely (and with respect) about Erica Durance? We have Erica Durance - General Forum for that. Check out the entire forum and join in the discussion in regards to our favorite actress.

Desperate to talk about Erica's performances in Smallville and her other projects? You can go to Erica Durance - TV and Erica Durance - Movies forum for the discussions.

Interested to see and share Erica's pictures? All you have to do is check out Erica Durance - Photos forum. We have variety of threads and you can choose which ever kind of photo you desire to view. Of course, with the fresh season of Smallville, we have threads for each episode, showing off Erica-related screencaps and stills. To see DTED's own uploaded photos, go to our very own Photo Gallery. You can also make fun out of those photos by making your own arts, or simply just by viewing them. You can find all the wonderful arts on Erica Durance - Fanart forum.

A huge fan of edited video? You can watch all the posted fanvideos on Erica Durance - Fanvideos. A fanvidder yourselves? You can share your video there and if you need to find a certain clip, don't hesitate to request for it. We have Erica Durance - Online Media for that purpose. You can also find Erica-related videos around there.

If you're bored and would like to have some fun, please visit our fun forum; either on Erica Durance - Games & Polls or you can chat freely about other stuff on Erica Durance - Off-topic.

Keep checking on the latest news on Erica Durance simply just by going to the Erica Durance - Site News & Update or Erica Durance - News. Most news will be posted on the Site News & Update, so the news will be shown directly on Devoted to Erica Durance Main Site

FYI -- The links that leads to Devoted Fans Network Forum requires you to sign up for an account there. *wink*
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